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Come see what sets Mindful Movements apart from the rest!
Hello and Welcome! I'm Julie O'Leary, owner and instructor here at Mindful Movements
I believe I have created a place for your body to grow strong, your mind to find peace and your heart and soul to heal. A place for women and men alike where you will be guided to find a better, more balanced, calm, happier, healthier version of you. Visit our brand new facility! 
      No prior experience needed. 
         No need to preregister, simply arrive 15 min. prior to class to register. 
    Cash or check only please.
             Please silence cell phones and bring your own mat or borrow one of mine.
    Please no late arrivals.

Wednesday night guided meditations 8pm
 This healing journey begins with an essential oil for calming the nervous system, centering and grounding.  We then recline back on our mat by candlelight for a guided relaxation and guided meditation.  We conclude with soaking in the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls, the Zen therapeutic bowls and frosted crystal bowls...
Fee $15.00 cash or check please
Please email your confirmation to these events. 
Please arrive at 7:45pm so we can begin promptly at 8:00pm.

New class added! Monday 5:15-6:15pm 20-20-20

Class etiquette
Please arrive ON TIME.  Be respectful of others not to disrupt the class.
Please silence your cell phone. yoga studios are typically a cell phone free zone.
Please no shoes in the studio space. Leaving shoes at the door keeps the practice space clean and dry.
Please, no heavy perfume or body sprays, the room gets warm and sometimes rather close, these lovely smells may come across rather strong in close proximity. Again be respectful to others.
Please minimize  loud chit chat in the studio space while waiting for class to begin. The focus of your practice is go inward as you arrive and set up your space. The few minutes before class are ideal for perhaps a short meditation and intension setting, which are very beneficial for your state of mind.

   Want to know more about me, Please visit the "contact me "page for more info.



        Mindful Movements Health & Fitness Studio   11137  West  191st  Road Mokena 
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