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Most questions can be found on the website however feel free to call, text  or email me.

Phone: 708 546 7393

Frequently asked questions:

Does my class card expire?
Class cards expire 6 months from the day you attended your first class.

What do I wear?
Dress in something loose and comfortable.

Do we wear shoes in yoga or pilates? No, these classes are typically a barefoot practice.

Do I need to buy a mat?
No mat at home? No worries,you can borrow one of mine.

How many people are typically in a class?
Average class size, 8

How does a private session work?
A private session is booked with your individual needs in mind. Based on your goals and needs. An individual session can help you obtain your goals faster.

Julie Nelson
About me.....
I have been in the health and fitness industry since 1998 as group fitness instructor, personal trainer, pilates instructor and yoga teacher. I know the importance of taking care of one's self and I also know the importance of dealing with life's stressors, whatever they may be. Physical fitness along with a healthy diet, rest, meditation and yoga are what have helped me along the way and it would be my pleasure to help you too! 

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Class etiquette
Please arrive on time. 
Please be respectful of others not to disrupt the class.
Please silence your cell phone.
Yoga studios are typically a cell phone free zone.

Please No shoes in the studio space. Leaving shoes just inside the door keeps the practice space clean and dry.

Please, no heavy perfume or body sprays. The room gets warm and sometimes rather close, these lovely smells may come across rather strong in close proximity. Again be respectful to others.

Please minimize loud chit chat in the studio space while waiting for class to begin. The focus of your practice is go inward as you arrive and set up your space quietly. The few minutes before class are ideal for perhaps a short meditation and intension setting.