Class Schedule    708 546 7393
9:15-10:15am            20-20-20          
10:30-11:25am        Beginner yoga 

9:15-10:30am           Yoga (All level)
6:00-6:55pm          Beginner Yoga
7:00-8:15pm             Yoga Flow 

9:15-10:15am        Pilates yoga fusion
10:30-11:25am       Beginner Yoga
6:30-7:30pm       Total Body Conditioning
8:00-9:00pm    Guided meditation fee $15.00

9:15-10:30am         Yoga (all level) 
6:00-6:55pm        Beginner Yoga
7:00-8:00pm       Restorative Yoga

9:15-10:15am     Fun Friday! Total body conditioning
10:30-11:25am        Beginner Yoga  

Sat morning 
9:15am 12/3 Warm Slow Yoga flow/ Julie
10:30am 12/3 Beginner yoga/ Julie

Wednesday evening Guided mediation & sound healing 
We begin with an essential oil to calm the nervous system, ground and center ourselves. We will then slip back onto our yoga mats using bolsters, blankets and whatever else may be needed to be as comfortable as possible, drifting gently into a meditative state using yogic breathing, relaxation techniques and guided imagery . We will conclude this journey by absorbing the vibrations of the therapeutic Zen bowls, the Tibetan singing bowls and frosted crystal bowls. The bowls generate sound and vibration that resonate with the human body on a cellular level promoting deep relaxation that bring you into a theta state (7-8 hertz) perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. The effects are quite profound. From relaxation to pain relief, emotional healing and corrective rebalancing throughout the body.  Experience wave after wave of peace, tranquility and harmony....
The energy exchange for this event is $15.00 ( cash or check please )
Please email me that you will be attending. Thank you.

More about meditation.....Healing happens in the physiologic relaxation response. Meaning, the literal healing, maintenance and repair of body tissues occurs when the central nervous system is in parasympathetic dominance – the classic relaxation response. In the simplest of terms, we heal when we’re sleeping, resting or in a state of calm.
The implications of this are quite profound. That’s because it’s quite common for us to be in a stress state – an anxious rush, overworking, worry, fear, anger or self- judgment. The stress response means that the central nervous system is in sympathetic dominance, and our metabolic energy is preferentially geared towards fighting, fleeing and survival. The last thing your body is trying to do when you are in a state of stress is to heal your emotional system, balance emotions, digestive issues, or adrenal burnout.  Anything that has us move into a stress state will put a limitation on healing. Likewise, anything that allows us let go, relax and surrender facilitate the healing response of the body.

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 Single class drop in : $15.00 cash
  10 class pass $100.00/ 6 month expiration
    Monthly unlimited $100.00
      Private session $60.00 per hour
          cash or check only please 
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