Class Etiquette:  Please arrive 15 minutes early to register and pay your class fee.  No late admissions.
  Please silence cell phones while in class. Smile and enjoy yourself.
     Have a pair of shoes for indoor workouts only.
Class Pass Options
                                      6 classes of your choice $70.00 / 3 month expiration  ~ cash or check
                                  10 classes$100.00 / 6 month expiration ~ cash or check @ the studio or pay online
                                     Single class drop in - $15.00  ~ cash or check only
                                Monthly unlimited $99.00 ~cash or check @ the studio or pay online
                                         New student introductory, First month 1/2 price!                                 
         Personal training
  • 8 sessions - $400.00
  • 12 sessions - $600.00  
  • 16 sessions - $700.00  Includes a 10% discount off of a monthly unlimited class pkg
  • To set up an appointment please email on the contact page for fastest response
              Mindful Movements Health & Fitness Studio Ltd.
19612 LaGrange Road, Mokena, IL  60448 
April/ May
Am Classes
Monday    9:15-10:15am     20-20-20 Jul ( 20 min strength, 20 pilates, 20 yoga)
Monday    10:30-11:30am       Beginner Yoga/ Julie 
Tuesday     9:00-10:05am          Yoga / Brianne
Wednesday 9:15-10:15am           Pilates / Julie
Wednesday  10:30-11:30am     Beginner Yoga/ Julie
Thursday   9:00-10:05am         Hot Yoga
Friday        9:15-10:15am        Yoga Butt/ Julie
Pm Classes
Monday     6:15-7:00pm          Total body workout w/ Angela
Tuesday    6:00-6:50 pm          Beginner Yoga/ Jul
Tuesday    7:00-8:05pm            Yoga / intermediate/ Jul
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm    20-20-20 (20 min strength 20 pilates 20 yoga)
Thursday   5:30-6:25pm     Kick your abs! Combo of cardio n core! / Ang
Thursday   6:45-7:45pm             Yoga, Julie
SUNDAY 4/27/14 10:00-11:15am
Join Julie for a 75 min yoga flow! This class will cultivate strength while promoting peace and happiness to the heart and spirit! We will begin our practice slow, steadily building heat from within and take it up a notch to a more dynamic segment followed by some deep floor stretches and finishing sweetly in savasana or final relaxation. Use your class card, drop-in or donation.
            *  Healing Happens in Relaxation   Mon/ Wed 10:30 AM Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 10:20am
 Would you like to heal a little faster?  Then consider this little known biological fact that ought to be headline news: healing happens in the physiologic relaxation response. Meaning, the literal healing, maintenance and repair of body tissues occurs when the central nervous system is in parasympathetic dominance – the classic relaxation response. In the simplest of terms, we heal when we’re sleeping, resting in a state of calm, or on a nice vacation.
The implications of this are quite profound. That’s because it’s quite common for us to be in a stress state – an anxious rush, overworking, worry, fear, anger or self- judgment. The stress response means that the central nervous system is in sympathetic dominance, and our metabolic energy is preferentially geared towards fighting, fleeing and survival. The last thing your body is trying to do when it thinks it’s being chased by a lion is to heal your digestive issue, your adrenal burnout, or manage your cholesterol level.
So, anything that has us move into a stress state will put a limitation on healing. Likewise, anything that has us let go, relax, surrender, take a deep breath, will help facilitate the maintenance and repair of the body, mind or heart. If you’re trying to overcome an ailment and you’re driving yourself crazy, or following an impossibly hard diet, or being too hard on yourself, think “I’pm generating a stress response and short-changing the very healing experience that I’m working so hard for.” Consider this prescription: do the best you can to relax into your healing journey.
                                     * Gong Bath sound Healing with Preston Klik
                                                        Friday May 2cnd
                                                        7:00pm -8:15pm
Preston Klik's Ocean of Devotion Gong Wash Sound Healing Meditation is a gentle but dynamic, 60 minute acoustic journey, often very quiet but at times powerfully intense. Preston plays a 36 inch Heart Gong, plus crystal bowels, ocean and water thunder drums, 2 smaller gongs, chimes, etc. His "portable temple" is a richly cinematic musical odyssey-meditation as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear, heart, body, mind and spirit.
Remove barriers between your self and your full expression of love.
Use sacred sounds to dissolve & release disempowering stories.
$25.00 in advance till April25th
$30.00 at the door 7pm-8pm
You must pre register for this event
Saturday morning           
 4/26      9:00-10:00 Hot Yoga
4/26      10:20-11:20am Beginner Yoga
5/3        9:00-10:00am Beach body workout
5/3        10:20-11:20am Beginner yoga
5/10       9:00-10:00am Hot Yoga
5/10       10:20-11:20am Beginner Yoga
5/17       9:00-10:00am Beach body workout
5/17       10:20-11:20am Beginner Yoga
5/24       9:00-10:00am Hot yoga
5/24       10:20-11:20     Beginner Yoga
5/31        9:00-10:00am Beach body workout
5/31        10:20-11:20am Beginner Yoga