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10:30-11:25am         Beginner yoga 
9:15-10:30am           Yoga (All level) Christie
6:00-6:55pm          Candlelight Beginner Yoga
7:00-8:15pm              Yoga Flow 
9:15-10:15am       Pilates core fusion 
10:30-11:25am       Beginner Yoga
7:00-  8:15pm      Partner yoga 4/26
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6:00-6:55pm       Candlelight Beginner Yoga  
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9:15-10:15am.             20-20-20
10:30-11:25am        Beginner Yoga  
Sat morning
9:15-10:15am         Beach body workout
10:30- 11:30am     Beginner yoga/ Candlelight yoga

Sunday April 23rd  Float meditation under the new moon 7:00pm
Join me for this special meditation based on my recent visit to a sensory deprecation tank, also known as  a FLOAT TANK. 
This experience was one of the most profoundly relaxing experience I believe I have ever had. The effect of this experience was life changing for me and I would like to share this with YOU.

The time of the full moon and new moon cycles are the perfect opportunity to reaffirm our intentions moving forward. A perfect time to  release the past to make space for whatever it is you would like to create, attract or manifest within our lives. We will gather together on our yoga mats using bolsters, blankets, pillows and anything else you may need to be comfortable and recline back as I lead you through some relaxation techniques to invoke the relaxation response within the body.  I will then take you through this  guided meditation as titled above as we settle in and allow the vibrations of the singing bowls, the gong and ocean drum to dissolve accumulated stress and low frequency vibrations within the body. 
Please let me know if you can make it.
Fee: $20.00 

 Single class drop in : $15.00 cash
  10 class pass $110.00/ 6 month expiration
    Monthly unlimited $100.00
      Private session $60.00 per hour
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