Class Descriptions    
Learn to quiet the mind while moving the body with fluidity and mindfulness. In yoga we strengthen and lengthen the muscles and connective tissue while moving your joints through full range of motion. This ancient practice  promotes flexibility, strength,  balance, coordination and control in mind and body alike. You will learn how yoga is much more than a physical practice with just one class you will notice an increased sense of peace and calmness within. 
Yoga Intermediate
Building on the foundations of a traditional yoga practice this class offers more advanced postures. Not suitable for beginners.
Yoga Butt, Booty Camp
So you think yoga is just for stretching, a little boring, ok well I'd like to introduce you to yoga booty camp. Based on the principles of yoga however, focusing on the rear and really honing in on the lower body,increasing your A$$ets to achiveve that sought after "yoga butt"
Come give yoga booty camp a try!
This non impact mat class is designed to enhance the strength and stability of the core, or your mid-section known as "The Power house".
This class increases overall body strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Pilates is THE single way to flatten the abs while slimming the hips, thighs and buttocks and adding definition  to the arms and shoulders.
  Six Pack Abs
 Combo of cardio and abs to felt fat and sculpt your midsection.
 Total Body workout
 Strength train and sculpt your entire body from head to toe using a variety of equipment.
 20-20-20, 20 min Strength Training, 20 min Pilates and concluding with 20 min of Yoga, one of our most popular classes!
Piloxing, Combining cardio boxing, dance and pilates core techniques in this power packed workout!
 Fit in a minute, intervals of cardio and strength! Proven to increase your fitness level and overcome the plateau  effect.
 Private Parties 

  How about a private yoga party?

 Host a private studio party for your next event. Having a birthday, girls night out, team building or just want to do something different and fun?!
Whatever the event, why not hold it here! You can enjoy the use of the studio for up to 2 1/2 hours! You choose the class you would like, anything from a flow class to a restorative pampering class, "hot yoga"  You name it, we'll teach it. You bring the snacks and let us take care of the rest. We provide set up, clean up, lemon water tea,  napkins, plates, silverware... $20.00 per guest and the hostess is FREE!
minimum 10 
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