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Class Descriptions    
Learn to quiet the mind while moving the body with fluidity and mindfulness. In yoga we strengthen and lengthen the muscles and connective tissue while moving your joints through full range of motion. This ancient practice  promotes flexibility, strength,  balance, coordination and control in mind and body alike. You will learn how yoga is much more than a physical practice with just one class you will notice an increased sense of peace and calmness within. 

Beginner yoga
Starting slow, building on the basics. Let's turn the lights down and go through the
 fundamentals of yoga.  In this class you will be taught basic yogic breathing or 
prana yama which is used for calming. and centering, beginner level yoga poses and finish with relaxation techniques and guided imagery.
In this class we move slowly and mindfully working at our own pace and level of comfort. 
Aroma Yoga
Incorporating the use of essential oils this class is pure bliss!  Join me in a softly lit room for a calming yoga flow designed to awaken your senses. This class would be suitable for all levels.

Yoga Flow
Building on the foundations of a traditional yoga practice this class is more of a flowing style where movement is synchronized with the breath..  May not suitable for beginners.

This non impact mat class is designed to enhance the strength and stability of the core, or your mid-section known as "The Power house".
This class increases overall body strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Pilates is THE single way to flatten the abs while slimming the hips, thighs and buttocks and adding definition to the arms and shoulders. This class can be modified to fit all levels.

20-20-20, Twenty minute segments of strength training, Pilates and Yoga, making one hour of one of our most popular classes!​ People love this class because its shorter segments of three popular classes that make up one hour long of awesomeness! This class would be suitable for all level of experience.

Pi Yo is a pilates mat class with a yogic flowing feel. What does that mean, well this barefoot, nonimpact class is done on using only your body weight.  ​Pilates moves with a yoga flowing style. Come try! 

Mindful Movements also offer private group classes, corporate yoga and yoga parties. Email or call for more info or to book an event.

Wednesday night meditation and sound healing
We begin each healing journey with an essential oil to calm the nervous system and ground and center ourselves. We then slip back on our yoga mats by candlelight as I guide you through  conscious breathing,relaxation techniques and guided imagery. As you  before drift away into a deeply meditative state absorbing the healing vibrations of the Zen therapeutic bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and frosted clear quartz crystal bowls.  
Vibrational sound healing can be traced back to ancient times. Everything in the universe in made purely of vibration. Resonating at it's own frequency. Vibrational sound touches our bodies in a cellular, molecular and crystalline level. The body is a network of Vibrational fields and energy currents. When out of rhythm disease and disharmony result. The bowls generate sound and vibration that resonate with the facilitation ooh healing both physical and emotional imbalances or blockages. Join me each Wednesday night for this truly profound experience.

Host a private studio party for your next event. Having a birthday, girls night out, team building or just want to do something different and fun?
Whatever the event, why not hold it here! You can enjoy the use of the studio for up to 2 hours! You choose the class you would like, anything from a flow class to a restorative pampering class, "hot yoga"  You name the class, I'll teach it.
The studio will provide lemon water & tea.
 $15.00 per guest and the hostess is FREE! minimum 10 


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